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Selectronic - Website Launch

Imagination is the only limit
We’ve been busy behind the scenes building you a website that over time will become one of your ‘goto’ sites in planning that new project.

Selectronic prides itself on delivering solutions that change the way we do life. Our experienced team will ensure that you have all the support you need, leaving the only limitation, your imagination!

So, when we made the decision to rebuild our website we answered the question ‘How can we help you more?’ The answer was a simple one. Give you all you need to make informed decisions quickly!

So here are a couple of features that do just that (we have loads more, and we’ll highlight these over the coming weeks).

Don’t get lost, find. – Search:

Well, the first key feature of our website is you can now ‘search’ within it for key products or even articles. That means not having to go to a section on site but starting the journey directly from the homepage. Quicker, faster and simpler.

On the go – Mobile:

Our site now works just as well on mobile as it does on your desktop, allowing you to keep up to date with all that’s happening in the tech environment. In fact, for you high fliers you probably do most of your business research and decision making through your mobile device.

Stay informed – Content:

Regular relevant content is becoming a key factor in making us an authority on technology.  Our job as a business is to keep you informed and our new site keeps an eye out for regular news, relevant for your sector whilst also sharing our own unique expert content.

Get social – Follow us:

Like many of you we felt it was about time to get social. So now you can follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. Feel free to connect with us and if you enjoy one of our articles let us know or even share with your colleagues.

We will begin to feature some more of these improvements in a little more detail, helping you make decisions and stay ahead of your competitors (well, that’s why you’re online surely).

Thank you for reading as we help you discover tomorrow’s ideas, today.