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Enhance driving with digital rear-view mirrors

Driving doesn’t come naturally to everyone. You probably know that infuriatingly slow person who groans at the ‘young hooligans’ doing 72mph on the M5, or the horrendous bay parker who thinks they’re owed two spaces. No one is perfect. This is why the improvement of technology for use in modern cars is rapidly growing. Selectronic understands the value of road assistance. We believe with new tech-savvy cars, not only will road safety improve, the future of driving as we know it will change forever. We may not be able to speed up the 20mph Sunday drivers, but our LED and TFT displays for rear-view mirrors will provide quality assistance like never before.

Let our visionary displays guide your clients to their destination. Sat Nav may be the ‘goto’ modern map, but instead of having to constantly flick your eyes from device to mirror, you can have it all-in-one, boosting concentration and safety.

This will also greatly benefit parking, especially if someone’s trying to parallel park with an impatient horn-heavy van behind them. The display will carry away their stress and efficiently escort them into the perfect park. As well as offering information, these displays give drivers a better view of the road and make known their surroundings, which will reduce road accidents, and give them the desired pleasant journey they deserve. For whatever a driver may need behind the wheel, let your new improved rear-view mirror act as their companion. Mirror, signal, manoeuvre will carry a whole new meaning.

Selectronic carries a wide range of LED and TFT displays, and with full customisation including high bright, sunlight readable and ‘shaped’ displays, your clients will get the very best of technology to assist them in their everyday driving. We have it all. And so can you.

Forget new radios and drink holders, if you want to provide the ultimate driving experience, get in touch with us now about our innovative LED or TFT displays.


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