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Save Money with Washing Machine Displays

Putting a wash load on is an every day chore that can cost a lot of money. From hand washing clothes in nearby lakes to the scrub board to the electric washing machine and now to digital display, we have come far in advancing the efficiency of how we wash our clothes. Living in a fast-paced world that is money conscious demands innovative technology, which is why Selectronic offer outstanding custom display solution for washing machines.

We want to make life simpler and as stress-free as possible, not to mention affordable. No one has the time for old-school dials that can only set the wash programme. People want fast, cheap and productive. Digital displays can keep you in the know by showing you the progress of every cycle, spin speed, temperature selection, not to mention a time delay feature. For busy families, this is exactly what is needed in the home, and with price-cutting potential, they’ll never look back. Let’s see some of the ways in which a display can save consumers a wash load of money.

A timer will allow you to set every wash cycle at the most appropriate time of day. No one enjoys getting home from a hard day’s work to find damp clothes sitting in the machine, especially if they’ve started to smell, which means a repeat wash. More cycles mean more money. Selectronic will change that with our cutting-edge display technologies. A delayed-start option will also provide the option to do a wash load at night, when electricity can be cheaper.

With a display that tells you exactly how much weight the washing machine can hold, consumers can stretch those pennies by making the most of every wash cycle. Help them to get the best results from the efficiency of always using a full load.

Washing machines with displays won’t just be products to consumers, they’ll be a friend, revealing more information with a clear, easy-read display to make lives even easier.

Selectronic offers an affordable range of easy to read, wide viewing angle, LED displays or LCD modules, designed to meet your specific needs. These are customised to meet the needs of the specific application – using your iconography and colour scheme. If you want your clients to wash happy with the ultimate performance in a penny-saving way, get in touch with us now.

In the home, technology is making our lives even easier and its not just limited to our audio visual experiences. The kitchen is fast becoming the technology capital of all our activities. Working with Selectronic gives you the best of both worlds, making your brand feel more than at home with our experienced team. Creating displays for washing machines, ovens, …
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