Selectronic News

Getting in the Fast Lane!

Selectronic continue to gather speed in LED solutions by attending June’s Motiv8 forum.

If you are an engineer looking for answers, curious about emerging technologies as a decision maker or looking for the missing component for your start up, this could be the forum to get you moving.

These two technology forums are held at two exciting exciting venues in Wantage and Manchester. The Wantage forum is at the Williams F1 HQ and the Manchester forum is being held at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground, both ran by Motiv8.

Motiv8 arrange numerous technology forums throughout the year, and are geared for technical engineers with the focus on giving them the solutions to complex issues.

This year, both are LED Lighting technology-based forums and cover the Automotive, Industrial and Consumer sectors where our extensive knowledge will come into play. Giving you access to boundary breaking products that keep you ahead of the pack.

As sponsors, Selectronic and around twenty other companies will exhibit the latest products of interest, and with keynote speakers giving presentations this is something Selectronic are proud in putting our name towards.

We will help you discover the very latest in LED, LCD and TFT solutions ensuring that you will have the confidence to deliver great products to your audience.

At Selectronic we are very excited about being a part of these upcoming forums, broadening horizons and extending our reach into the industry.

We’d love to see you there and remember, imagination is the only limit!