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Go Green with School Lighting

The hub of education is the start of great things. At Selectronic we don’t settle for good, and we don’t believe schools should either. According to, schools account for almost 15% of carbon emissions from the UK public sector, so it’s about time we help chip away at that figure, and start setting a green example for our next generation.

Fluorescent lighting is the most common source of illumination in schools. At low cost, long life, and high efficiency, it’s not difficult to see why. But change is on the horizon. The importance of sustainability is creeping up within schools and many are discovering the environmental benefits of LED lighting, not to mention the cost efficiency. Lighting accounts for a huge chunk of a school’s electricity bill, and with LED technology, not only will this reduce their carbon footprint, it will shrink their finances. No one can say fairer than that. Yes, the up-front cheque may be larger than it would be for a fluorescent light, but in the long-term, choosing LED could really lighten the financial load since they can last more than twenty times longer.

At Selectronic, we strive to provide maximum lighting performance, and believe switching to LED is the future. Our new CCT Adjustable Panel Light is simple and elegant in design, perfect to show off to parents, with the added bonus of appearing green-savvy. Controlled by a high frequency wireless remote, this panel can be dimmed or brightened to whichever level you desire, and has the ability to adjust colour temperature to create the desired environment. If you pride yourself in promoting sustainable behaviours in schools, there’s help with Selectronic, as this panel has been designed to directly replace old, flickering fluorescent ceiling lights, so there’s no fuss.

If the shade of green doesn’t grab you, then give children their best chance by choosing the most beneficial lighting. It doesn’t just aid in sight. Light can greatly affect concentration and alertness, which will have an impact on results. Invest in quality CCT Adjustable Panel lighting for schools. It will make all the difference. If you’ve seen the light today, get in touch with us for more information.