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How Video in Retail is Booming


As swiftly as fashion changes, so the shopping journey is also evolving at a tremendous pace. With significant development in technology, the way we experience retail is becoming increasingly engaging. From mobile payment apps, to scanning QR codes, to augmented reality, these are just a few of the ways technology is transforming how we shop.

QR Codes

This fuzzy black mark you see slapped on the back of lorries, in window displays and on the back of ketchup bottles, promotes businesses and allows shoppers to have a more gratifying experience through scanning the code with their phone and exploring products further with promotional videos.


Ultra HD television has burst colour and life into shopping centres, with flashy ads tempting consumers with the latest trends and gadgets. Not so great for their purse strings, but fantastic for the shop tills.

Augmented Reality

This type of virtual reality drags graphics, sound and video from the computer to the real-world environment. So, a consumer can virtually try on their purchases without fumbling about in a dressing room, discover the nearest shoe shop and browse through their stock to find exactly what they’re looking for without running over there, and they can even visualise how furniture will look in their own home. Check out IKEA’s augmented reality catalogue app for more information if you’re still fretting over that bright yellow sofa.

These exciting advancements in retail are just the tip of the iceberg. And Selectronic isn’t stopping there. We are constantly on the look out for the most efficient and exciting road to moving forward with video in retail. We’ve come far, but we want to go further. At Selectronic, we are exploring ways of bringing video to more intimate spaces, drawing nearer to products instead of blending into the background. When a consumer approaches a product, not only will they see the price beneath it, their senses will be captivated by a visually immersive video, changing their ordinary shopping experience forever. Want to keep your business on the cutting edge of technology today? Discover more by contacting our team.

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