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Bring the Family Together with a Set-Top Box


Television has been a point of interest in the home for decades, offering entertainment on those wintry evenings, feeding families with educational documentaries, and causing great temptation with advertising. Television has redefined home life. And now we want to help you redefine the lives of families through the latest technology.

Families are now so busy that often the only time they spend together is in front of the television. So we understand how important it is for your brand to offer the simplest solution that will enhance this experience for every household. The television has brought people together, but it’s also caused rows over the remote control, disagreements over programmes, and as a result has torn apart the one time families have to bond. We believe with technology this can finally come to an end, and your clients can enjoy every evening together, making your brand the one to have in the home.

We at Selectronic understand the importance of family and technology, which is why we offer customisable LED displays to enhance the power a set-top box can bring to the home. This device delivers more channels, stores and displays programme details, and provides video-on-demand, allowing the viewer to rewind and watch their favourite scene as many times as they desire. But it’s the recording technology within the box that will provide families with the perfect solution to a peaceful night in. Arguments will be vanquished with the option to record multiple channels at the same time, so no one has to miss out on their favourite show and there will be more flexibility to come together and watch one programme, knowing that the others can wait another day.

A set-top box can transform the most heated home into a cool and tranquil living environment. So let us help you meet the needs of busy families with the simple solution of our futuristic LED displays. These indicate the locations of touch switches, Record, Playback or IR Remote Interaction, and even show the channel number or time.

If you want to be the leading brand in the home today, get in touch with our team now.



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