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How Wearable Devices are transforming the Medical Sector

Technology has transformed the way we live, but there is still a great deal more we can accomplish. With new wearable devices making a leap into the medical sector, we could be saving lives too.

Nike+ technology initially produced running shoes with sensors to track a person’s performance. With activity trackers, smart headphones, the Viper Pod for the elite in sports, and many others, wearables in fitness are constantly keeping people healthy. Selectronic want to go one step further and bring this technology into the medical sector. We won’t only be helping you keep people fit, we’ll be helping you track the data of a patient to give them the best care possible. This groundbreaking technology could revolutionise the healthcare industry, and we want to be a part of that. Here are a few ways wearable devices are already being used in healthcare today.

Heart Rate

This can be measured using fitness trackers, however for a patient whose heart needs to be monitored continuously, there are alternative systems. Vital Connect’s Healthpatch MD attaches to a patient’s skin to measure ECG, heart rate, respiration, and more. Another system is Sotera’s ViSi Mobile, which uses an arm, wrist or finger cuff that’s wired for a connection to a monitor.

Continuous Glucose Monitor

With a device that measures glucose levels, a person suffering diabetes can live a more manageable life. This monitor alerts the individual when their glucose levels are rising or falling too quickly and detects patterns, which gives the doctor a better understanding of the patient’s condition.

Monitoring Medication

Proteus Digital Health has studied into a pill that works in relation with a patch sensor to monitor physical activity, blood pressure and sleep quality. The information feeds wirelessly to a smartphone app, revealing information, such as whether the pill was swallowed and the dosage taken. There are also a host of other wearable devices that can remind patients to take their medication.

Selectronic can deliver reliable solutions for clear and easy to read data requirements. If you want to get involved with this futuristic movement in healthcare discover more by contacting our team now. A chance to save lives shouldn’t wait another day.