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Dazzle Customers with a Touch Screen Shop Till

The dusty, old shop tills that spark a bell every time someone opens or closes them might look vintage and nostalgic, but they also scream out-dated and eBay. The ‘modern’ cash registers aren’t any better. In a world of instant society, your clients want fast, practical and modern. And we at Selectronic can make you the brand that provides that for them. We will deliver systems so you won’t miss out on any transaction.

Keeping up to date with the latest innovative technology already puts you ahead of every other brand fighting for attention. At Selectronic, we can provide you with the perfect quality touch screen to push you straight to the top of the pecking order in retail, and to ensure that your clients get the best of technology.

There’s one thing customers hate more than anything, and that’s spending hours in a shop debating over purchases, only to get to the till and find they only accept cash. In this ever-changing retail world, with fashion trends and new technology, your clients want speed and efficiency. Customers don’t want to spend all their time paying, and we can ensure that their shopping experience is one they will tell all their friends about. We can provide a touch screen till that is so quick customers won’t even remember the painful task of handing over their card. We will make sure you are the talk of the retail industry with a till that dazzles the high street.

With technology booming in the retail industry, customers expect the latest systems in shops. We understand the pressure retailers face to constantly be on the cutting-edge of technology and to find the most productive solutions that drive sales. Selectronic will impress customers and increase those sales, keeping you ahead of the retail pack without all the pressure.

Get plugged in with the latest technology and be the brand that everyone’s talking about on the high street. Find out more about our diverse range of touch screens and displays today.


James Attwood - Retail Business Manager  

Experienced in matching the correct technology and visual appearance for the front face of your product. Working with you to take your project requirements from concept stage to mass production.


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