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Drive into the Future with Dual Screen

It’s said that two is better than one, but when it comes to navigation on a long journey, often the only result is shouting at each other until you turn blue or tearing up the only map you have. Navigation has moved on considerably in the automotive world. Maps and scribbled directions on the back of a napkin have been replaced with visionary technology that is no doubt going to get better and better. And here at Selectronic, we are ready to help you revolutionise the way of the road with our cutting-edge dual screen technology.

Dual screen enables the driver and passenger to view different content on the same screen. With this state-of-the-art product, the passenger can watch a film, while at the same time the driver can pay attention to the sat nav. And it doesn’t stop there. This new technology brings with it a host of various applications from TV programmes to Internet sites. Our high quality display screens will provide each traveller with their very own image, without any intermingling. This will give your client better concentration on the road without the distraction from the passenger. Help make our roads safer and your business more tech-savvy.

Safety on the road is vital, however we understand that it is also key to provide your clients with the most enjoyable driving experience. We will see to that with our latest dynamic range of displays, delivering you with a solution that won’t let your clients down. Dual screen offers the best of both worlds, however if the driver does need a hand with the upcoming roundabout that looks like Spaghetti Junction, they can simply alter the display so the passenger also sees the same image as them. With a system as handy as this, your business will be revving with success.

Most current vehicles have central information displays, so stand out from the crowd and dare to go dual screen. With our wide range of displays with full customisation, we can tailor to each and every need.

Two is certainly better than one when it comes to technology. So, get in touch with our team and upgrade to dual screen today. Driving will never be the same again.

Justin Coleman - Consumer /Automotive Business Manager

Justin Coleman  

Justin has over 25 years’ experience of the display industry both from an OEM and a distribution perspective. This matches well with our range of customers, both new and old, where it is important to understand the importance of longevity and availability of products particularly in markets where model lifetime is a crucial deciding factor.