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Improve driving with a quality automotive HVAC system

The use of mobile phones in cars and the debate over whether the radio is just as much a distraction to drivers has long been something of a discussion among road users. However, there are some things that perhaps have been swept under the carpet, such as a poor quality HVAC system.

Heating and air conditioning in a car is more integral to the wellbeing of a driver than people would think. To improve mental alertness, drivers should be at the optimal temperature, and if their HVAC system is poor, they’re not receiving the ideal environment to boost driving performance.

Temperature can also affect the mood of a driver. Without heating in the dark, winter months or air conditioning in the occasional British heat waves we experience, road users would be miserable, and as soon as mood subsides, so can a driver’s ability on the road. asserts that ‘research has shown that drivers in a bad mood may be more likely to crash, especially when driving angry or feeling frustrated’. As heat or cold can impact a person’s mood, and thus affect driving style and an ability to detect hazards, a good quality HVAC is vital in the automotive industry.

With yet one more thing to control in the car, concentration can dip when a driver is struggling to alter a poorly displayed HVAC system. So far, technology has ensured that drivers are comfortable, maintaining the optimum temperature, but with every brand wanting to deliver the maximum driving experience, competition for the latest, most innovative system is increasing. The future of automotive HVAC is changing along with everything else in its industry, and as technology progresses at such a rapid rate, we’ll be seeing those changes very soon.

Selectronic can offer the very best technology with TFT and LCD technologies as well as touch panels, OLED’s and keypads, to ensure a good driver/passenger interface experience. If you want to keep your business on the cutting edge of technology and at the same time improve road safety, get in touch with us for more information.

Justin Coleman - Consumer /Automotive Business Manager

Justin Coleman  

Justin has over 25 years’ experience of the display industry both from an OEM and a distribution perspective. This matches well with our range of customers, both new and old, where it is important to understand the importance of longevity and availability of products particularly in markets where model lifetime is a crucial deciding factor.