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Kill time with Coffee Machine displays

Once upon a time coffee beans were roasted before being ground and boiled in water. Like technology, coffee back then is certainly not what it is now. In this instant society, coffee is not so much a luxury as it is necessity. From boiling coffee in pots and pans to flicking the kettle on to coffee machines, we are now in a world where coffee is expected at the click of a button. No more using a cloth bag as a filter or waiting for the kettle to boil. Now, technology has made it so that every home can be garnished with a high-tech coffee machine that delivers an espresso in merely seconds.

Mornings are crucial in the home. Whether there’s a single occupier that can’t get out of bed in time or five screaming children that can’t find their shoes that were on their feet a minute ago, the home is a busy place come the crack of dawn. With an efficient coffee machine display that has a built in timer, that extra bit of time spent boiling the kettle can be put to use elsewhere. At Selectronic, we understand the nature of chaotic mornings, which is why we deliver the most innovative technology to really make your brand the one that every home welcomes.

Setting a timer on a coffee machine the night before will give families the peace of mind that there’s one less thing to do in the morning. People will jump out of bed knowing their coffee is waiting for them, they’ll grab a cup before heading out the door, happy in the knowledge they had that extra five minutes to grab breakfast too. With colourful moving images we can supply, consumers will know exactly what’s going on, the time they wish to set, which drink they choose for the following day, offering your consumers quality drinks, at professional standards.

In our instant society, waiting for a cup of coffee is one less thing for busy parents to worry about. Speed and productivity, just like caffeine, is expected, and that is exactly what Selectronic will provide. Ensure your consumers get the very best of technology to help them in the everyday and call us now.



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