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How POS systems are revolutionising retail

Slow, clunky cash registers are soon going to be a thing of the past with new POS systems making waves across retail. Technology is shifting how consumers pay, how retailers make sales, and how the high street is experienced. Selectronic know how important it is to keep up with the ever-changing rate at which technology is progressing, so we are here to supply you with every tool you need to make your business soar.

Tablets are now the top POS systems in retail. With the ability to display options, securely handle payments, and upsell products and services, these gadgets are fast becoming the future of how we buy and sell. For retailers, this will significantly increase sales. Some technology has hindered businesses, as consumers with their smartphones can check for the same product in another store while they’re still perusing merchandise they want to purchase. However, with a tablet POS system, sales assistants can assist consumers anywhere in the store, helping them find what they’re looking for and making a payment on the spot so they’re not encouraged to look elsewhere. Retailers can also bid farewell to those reams of paper receipts. A tablet allows retailers to email receipts to the consumer, save money on paper, go green, and collect consumer information for marketing purposes.

As well as improving business, the shopping experience for consumers will also change for the better. Receiving receipts via email or SMS text will enable retailers to save the customer’s receipt preference in the database for future visits so they will feel valued. Queues will be no more with super-fast technology. Sales assistants, armed with a tablet, will be liberated from the counter to get involved on the shop floor, enhancing consumer experiences. And as new forms of electronic payments are rising in retail, these POS systems can be designed to handle Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Levelup, or prepaid cards.

Innovative POS systems have increased sales, improved business efficiency, enriched shopping experiences, and with technology constantly upgrading, retail has even more exciting times ahead. Call us now for more information on how our displays or touch screens can revolutionise your business.


James Attwood - Retail Business Manager  

Experienced in matching the correct technology and visual appearance for the front face of your product. Working with you to take your project requirements from concept stage to mass production.


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