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Save Money with LED Lighting

The new technology available has meant that the LED lighting market is exploding in growth, and with it becoming more widely accepted in the mainstream lighting market, the future of LED lighting is luminous. Although LED is renowned for being a bit on the pricey side, deterring most from reaping the benefits of this particular type of lighting, we at Selectronic have discovered that not only is LED great for effect and decorative purposes, but that it can save a heap of money too.

Lighting can cost homeowners roughly one quarter of their electricity bills, so it’s fair to say that finding a cost-effective solution is essential. Yes, LED can cost more in the short term, but these energy-efficient bulbs will save a substantial amount in the long term too, and that investment is well worth looking into. LED lights last longer, which means having to purchase fewer bulbs over time. states that ‘LED bulbs come with advertised lifetimes of 10,000 hours and up, compared to the typical 1,000-hour lifetime of hot-running halogen bulbs’. To make money, sometimes you have to spend a little. According to, ‘LEDs are about 10 times more efficient at converting electricity into light than the old-fashioned filament variety’, which suffice to say with rising electricity prices and falling LED costs means that it makes far more financial sense to scrap the halogen bulbs and get in with the low energy lighting.

As well as reducing electricity consumption, lowering bills, and saving money and energy in maintenance and replacement costs, LED lights cut down carbon emissions, avoiding the environmental pressures that so many other lighting types can bring. With the booming market of LED lighting, prices are expected to plummet even further as more products enter the market.

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