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How Apps are revolutionising TV

The rise in app technology is transforming the way we watch television. From black and white boxes in the corner of the home to 4K curved TVs mounted on the central wall, television is seeing growth not only in how we perceive it, but in how we use it. And Selectronic is ready for this transformation – are you?

When people watch television, they’re not always just watching television. Be it a smartphone or a tablet, there is usually a ‘second screen’ clutched in the viewer’s hand or placed on the coffee table just incase they need to Shazam a song on an advert or Tweet about an upcoming programme. states that 87% of consumers use a second screen device while watching TV.

Social media has allowed groups to connect while viewing the same film from the comfort of their own homes. People don’t just watch TV anymore. With voting, polls, videos, Twitter feeds, statistics, textual information, apps are the interactive companions to keep people engaged, and to expand the benefits of television watching. While allowing viewers to interact and search for show-related content, the TV industry can keep an eye on the popularity of shows on social media.

Already companies are latching on to this second screen trend, like Visiware who launched Sync2Ad, which uses audio fingerprinting technology that can detect which ad is playing on TV to initiate companion ads in a smartphone or tablet app. With this development in TV advertising, soon people will be able to get more information, see the product, get a discount, and maybe even buy it there and then on their smartphone.

Entertainment in the home is changing, and with all these apps available to consumers, the end of the remote control may be fast approaching. There are already apps to control the television using a tablet or smartphone, so soon the famous question that’s plagued homes for years ‘where’s the remote?’ will be a distant memory.

Selectronic can supply you with the solution to ease homes into this transition by providing you with cutting edge display technology for tablets. If you want to stay in touch with this new generation of TV then get in touch with us, now.



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