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Sustainable energy that means business

Due to our ongoing commitment of making Selectronic more sustainable, we have now fitted solar panels to the roof, seizing the opportunity to integrate green technology with the technology we use. We recognise the power of electricity, and we are interested in efficient ways to generate that power. With this green solution, together we can discover the potential of renewable energy that is the future.

Solar power is a great energy source that is making the world we live in a healthier place, and with cutting edge technology always on the rise, Selectronic are enthusiastic to see nature and technology peacefully coexist together. “The success of the UK, set to be the largest European market again in 2015, reinforces the evidence that solar power is a versatile and cost-efficient energy source in any climate,” said James Watson,

the CEO of SolarPower Europe, formerly known as the European Photovoltaic Industry Association.

At Selectronic, we were looking for a solution to reduce our carbon footprint, and Ecotec Services met our need to the highest standard ( The installation took just under two weeks starting after the bank holiday and completed on the Friday.

Based in Worcester, Ecotec Services are specialists in installing the best and most cost-effective renewable energy systems on the market. With over twenty years’ experience, Ecotec Services strive toward a more responsible energy future, which along with Selectronic’s vision for the latest technology, is also shared with our team.

Kelvin Stark, Sales Director of Selectronic, realises the vision. “We’re delighted with the work the company have done. It further enhances our commitment to going green, and as a company to the UN Global agreement, bringing ideas to life,” he says.

As well as making our building more sustainable, we also ensure that our innovative products meet this requirement.

Make your mark in sustainable living and speak with our team today.