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Boost Sales with a Bar Display

Waiting to order at a bar may no longer be that tedious start to the evening customers dread. Advertising in retail has changed significantly over the years from standard leaflets to billboards to scanning bar codes with smartphones, and now restaurants are bringing their bars to life with high-def displays showcasing their menus, the latest deal, keeping customers entertained, while also feeding them with information.

With the rate at which technology is rising, retailers are also expected to rise along with it. So, having a bar adorned with the latest system will let every customer know that your brand is on the cutting edge of technology. And this means profit. Technology in retail has brought with it an influx of sales through enhancing the customer’s shopping experience. A flash bar display will not only increase sales through advertising, but will stop customers from walking out the door when they’ve already spent over five minutes waiting to be served. If people can’t keep them engaged, technology just might. While standing and waiting to order drinks, customers may be interested in perusing food items. But with such an extensive menu, often they won’t bother. Flashing a few deals on the display might just prompt them to order there and then. It will also help push the showcased items to increase sales.

These displays are not only limited to advertising though. With all sorts of games and activities available through technology, customers can be kept distracted while bar staff get busy with orders. With almost everyone on Twitter and Facebook, having a social media presence on a bar display will enhance the interactive atmosphere of the business, which means #freeadvertising and more customers through the door than the staff will know what to do with.

The sign of a successful brand is one that seamlessly and boldly keeps up with the times. Do you want your brand to be the envy of all retailers? Contact us today for more information on our crisp displays and touch screens.

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