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Smarter Homes with Home Automation

With high-tech gadgets like smart TVs, smart thermostats and smart washing machines, it only makes sense to incorporate a device into the home that can take control of all these appliances from just one spot. Families are leading busier lives than ever before. Speeding off to work and realising the front door isn’t locked is just one of the reasons why a home automation system is the ideal solution for every future home.

There’s something about leaving a house that sets people on edge. Did they forget to turn the lights off? What about the heating? As technology is growing so are the solutions for simplifying the home. Home automation is nothing new. However, with so many new devices making an appearance in our fast-evolving technology era, not only can people access their lights or thermostat from downstairs, they can connect to their smart home from wherever they are with just a simple click of a button on their smartphone or tablet.

A home automation system not only secures the home from the outside with features such as door and window sensors, outdoor security, and smart locks, but allows families to take control from the inside. They can dim the lights with voice activation, turn the heat down, or play a favourite song from iTunes by speaking the title. It gets even smarter. Lights will turn on as someone walks down the hall, the coffee maker will spark to life as someone reaches in the cupboard for a mug. Motion sensors can be used for more than just security.

With smartphones and tablets, no longer will families have to turn around after an hour of driving toward their holiday destination because they can’t remember if they turned the oven off. Everyday tiresome tasks will be a thing of the past with a well connected home.

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