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Light up the future of agriculture with LEDs

Nature and technology couldn’t be further apart – or could they? Growing plants has meant hard labour even in the toughest weather conditions, but just like so many other industries technology is seeping into, could agriculture get a bit of a modern makeover too? Mankind has not only had to work hard to grow crops, but has had to pick up the pieces when a dry spell or flash flood has wiped out an entire year’s worth. Now, technology is stepping in and using LED lighting to grow the very plants man has been toiling for centuries. This ground breaking solution will revolutionise the way we work with nature forever.

LEDs are naturally cool as they are efficient at energy conversion to light, which eliminates the worry growers have with other types of lighting where the temperature can get too hot in the growing area and hinder the development of the plants. Their small size and cool attribute allows for more of them and in any place. More light means better plant performance. Another benefit of giving off little heat is that the plants can be stacked on each other, allowing for increase in production without further cost.

The right colour palette can either inhibit or enhance the whole process of food production, and so by having colourful LEDs that allows growers to control plant growth by altering the light is crucial. Certain spectrums can accelerate or slow down growth, improve yields, or morph the shape of different plants, so it is vital to get the lighting right. You might think sunlight is best for nature, but plants don’t actually need the full spectrum of light they get from the sun, so by using coloured LEDs growers are getting the component parts they do require, improving efficiency.

LEDs draw less electricity than the standard sodium lights and last far longer, which will dramatically reduce costs. Increased productivity, lower expenses, and better plant monitoring says it all about LED lighting within the world of agriculture.

Selectronic can supply you with the perfect solution to get the best out of indoor plant growing. If you want to know more and see your business flourish, get in touch, today.

James Attwood - LED Lighting Business Manager

James Attwood - Retail Business Manager  

I am an enthusiastic individual with a broad wealth of experience spanning several sectors in a sales and Management capacity.

I spent a number of years working in the electrical wholesale sector progressing to branch management in a fast paced selling environment. Where I achieved great success in securing and managing accounts throughout the Midlands. Following this period in electrical wholesale – I progressed to a more specialist roles in the LED lighting, energy saving and carbon friendly sector.

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