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Heat up your oven with innovative technology

The oven is one of the most depended upon appliances in the kitchen. Used everyday by most families, reliability and high performance is crucial. We’ve already got the smart refrigerators, the speedy coffee makers, and the sensor kitchen bins, but now Selectronic want to make the oven applications a priority. We want to show you how our technology can bring enhanced convenience and safety to the place people need it most – the home.

Dashing around the kitchen, especially on Christmas Day, is no one’s idea of fun, and having to race back to the oven to check how long the turkey’s got left on the old-fashioned timer dial doesn’t help anyone. Selectronic understand that families need a clear display with a wide viewing angle that can be seen around the kitchen so the dashing around is nothing but a flick of the eye over to the opposite end of the room. Technology is transforming the way we cook and bringing efficiency to the kitchen.

With a backlight LCD display that will fit in perfectly with the industrial design of the oven and provide a wide viewing angle for icons and numeric information, safety will also be enhanced. Revealing exactly how much time is left, the heating mode and actual temperature, our display will provide families with the key information they need to make cooking a safe and simple activity. And to brighten up the kitchen, we can offer you a multicolour display.

With technology constantly developing, oven applications won’t just have an LCD display that can alter the alarm volume, they will have much more. Already there are ovens with smart automatic cooking, boasting a high-tech display that has dozens of recipes built in. Families can select their recipe and the oven will automatically select the right functions for the meal. They can also upload their family favourite recipes using a USB connection. Cooking made simple.

If you want to heat up your brand with state-of-the-art technology, discover more with our team, today.



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