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A Brighter Future with the Elite Range

With an extensive knowledge in LED and over 30 years of experience in this field, Selectronic are excited to be launching our innovative and stylish new range of LED lighting products, the elite range.

This high quality range will benefit large companies who want to get the best out of their business. From universities to district and county councils to hospitals, the commercial market will be transformed by our new lighting. Our range will cut energy costs significantly. Those specifically in retail will benefit from better light performance as well as a reduced carbon footprint, and it will mean outstanding aesthetics and ambience for hotels and restaurants.

With our new elite range, with a choice of colour temperatures, beam angles, various sizes, high colour rendering (up to CRI 95) and dimming and emergency options, Selectronic will have the right product for your specification. Companies who strive for excellence will find our products stylish and sophisticated due to the optic lens array technology, which produces a perfect, uniformed light distribution and prevents the glare often experienced with other LED light sources.

With a range of beam angles that enable you to create various moods from one light source, various dimming solutions, and a range of colour temperatures for room ambiance, your hotel or restaurant will stand out from the pack. All of these features and more, including excellent high colour rendering properties (up to CRI 95) are designed with our carbon footprint in mind. Selectronic are committed to making our technology more sustainable, and so we have seized the opportunity with our new product range, which is environmentally friendly and free from mercury and hazardous substances.

Easy to install, our products within the range compliment each other. We understand the importance of being energy efficient, and with high energy savings and reduced maintenance costs compared to other light products, this new range won’t let you down. We can ensure you a return on investments within just one year if our products are kept on 24 hours a day. Dedicated to supplying you with the most efficient solution for your needs, our drivers deliver a power factor of .95.

We take all your lighting requirement seriously and offer bespoke light design solutions so we can deliver the best product for your needs, together bringing your ideas to life. Discover more and contact our team today.