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How Technology is Transforming Supermarkets

The weekly food shop is getting an instant makeover with cutting edge technology that is revolutionising the way consumers buy their goods. Trolleys strewn with crumpled up shopping lists and queues as long the supermarket aisles will suddenly vanish with more efficient and simple solutions that Selectronic can help supply you with.

Lists with scribbled groceries won’t be necessary with the apps now available on smartphones. With their food shop typed into their mobile device, consumers can walk down the canned goods aisle and receive a reminder to pick up that tin of beans, and be informed of the 2-4-1 offer on them. Apple’s iBeacon technology allows shops to remind customers what’s on their shopping list when they’re in a specific area, send customers special offers for goods they’re walking past, and prepare pre-ordered items as soon as a customer walks through the door, getting rid of queues for good.

When a customer can’t find that particular brand of coffee, searching for a shop assistant can be tiresome and can lead the supermarket to a drop in sales. China’s Shanghai Lotus store has integrated a ‘cartsmart’ platform onto their shopping trolleys via tablets. Using a smartphone app, consumers are able to bring up their shopping list on the device and let the ‘cartsmart’ lead them around the supermarket to their desired items. Sat Nav for supermarkets. Cambridge Consultants, a product design firm, have invented a device that fits invisibly into the wheel of a trolley, complete with sensors and Bluetooth connection. It warns staff when customers are nearby checkouts and directs customers to find the latest offers. According to the, ‘the firm is working to set up trials in individual stores by the end of this year’.

Supermarkets are making lives simpler and more efficient in the everyday tasks, and at Selectronic we aim to do that too. With our dynamic displays and touch screens, your brand will be the talk of retail and the future of the weekly shop. If you want to say goodbye to queues and hello to increased sales, call us now.


James Attwood - Retail Business Manager  

Experienced in matching the correct technology and visual appearance for the front face of your product. Working with you to take your project requirements from concept stage to mass production.


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