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Spice up the kitchen with new microwave technology

In our instant society, spending hours in the kitchen cooking a slap up meal is really only expected for special occasions, or if the in-laws are visiting. With so much to do in a day, families these days want speed. And in our ever-increasing technology age, this solution is not difficult to reach. Microwaves provide quick heating solutions that can have dinner on the table in merely minutes, and we’re not just talking about microwave meals.

When most people think of microwaves, images that are likely to spring to mind are, the obvious, microwave meal, leftovers, cans of beans and the like, and anything that has already been prepared beforehand. Microwaves have a reputation for being the appliance people use when they can’t cook. However, as technology is igniting the kitchen into action, with such appliances as fridges, coffee makers, hobs, and ovens getting a ‘smart’ makeover, we’re now left with the microwave.

Austin-based tech company, Freescale, have startled the domestic world with their new Sage microwave oven concept that is set to revolutionise the way we taste food cooked in the microwave. No more soggy pizzas or bland leftovers that tasted great only yesterday. The solid-state RF microwave uses radio frequency emitters to heat the food up in flash and at the same time retain the great taste. comments, ‘Through the use of multiple emitters and beam-forming in potential OEM RF oven designs, the technology also enables simultaneous cooking of multi-component food dishes, or having multiple dishes being cooked in the oven at the same time with different proteins, starches and vegetables in them, which vastly simplifies food preparation.’ And with a wide array of cooking qualities, such as searing to browning, baking and poaching, that slap up meal will take merely minutes and taste as good as if someone had slaved over their oven.

This new technology has arrived just in time for the modern convenience-orientated home. Selectronic understand the quality of home cooking and the practicality of a microwave, and we want to provide you with innovative display technology to enhance your microwaves. Want your business on the cutting-edge of technology? Call us now.

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