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How augmented reality is transforming healthcare

Augmented Reality is set to radically change the way we interact in day-to-day life. It has already had a significant impact on areas, such as education and advertising, but now we at Selectronic want to see it transform healthcare and save lives.

Already, Augmented Reality is vastly improving medical training. Teaching and studying anatomy and surgical procedures has taken a leap from flash cards and textbooks, and is now being facilitated using AR medical applications. They are being developed to ensure better understanding of the human body and how it functions. According to, while teaching body anatomy, an AR app, such as ARnatomy, ‘can help overlay digital information in the form of video, audio or 3D models onto human skeletons to offer a better understanding’. Multimedia information can also be augmented on textbooks.

Wearable devices, such as Google Glass have improved patient care management, and many AR apps are designed to educate patients about the medical condition they’re suffering from. For example, EyeDecide uses a camera display to simulate the impact of certain conditions on a patient’s vision. From aiding fitness, dentistry, medical imaging, to assisting the visually impaired, with AR technology, the medical sector will never be the same again.

Having the right equipment can be a matter of life and death, especially in the operating room. AR healthcare apps can assist in conducting a minimally invasive procedure. For example, a medical instrument is inserted through a slight cut made in a patient’s skin, and using endoscopic technology, where a camera is situated under the skin, images are displayed onto a monitor in the operating room. AR apps can also locate tumours. Technology is fast becoming a critical tool in healthcare, although there’s still more room for growth. Eventually, we hope that surgeons will be able to use holographic displays, such as Microsoft’s Hololens or Google’s Magic Leap.

In years to come, Augmented Reality will simply be known as reality. At Selectronic, we can provide reliable solutions for both monochrome for easy to read data requirements, to full colour TFT with multi touch technology and cover glass or key mat inputs. If you want to save lives, discover more today.