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Educate students with LED lecture theatre lighting

Snoozing in the back corner of a lecture theatre is one memory many of us could relate to back in our student years. With so much to learn, quite little time to learn it all in, and many new life experiences to juggle, lighting the way for our next generation is important. And it can be helped with something as seemingly small as lighting. suggests, ‘Lighting in morning hours with higher illumination levels and higher color temperature can have positive effects on learning performance and reduce error rates. On particular moments during the day, dedicated light settings can be used in the classroom to support social behavior/activities and to support physical and mental health.’ Poor lighting can decrease concentration rates, cause headaches in some cases, and generally affect a student’s desire to want to learn. Exposure to lighting with various illuminances and correlated colour temperature can have a significant affect on mood, alertness, and perceived self-efficacy of the subjects studied.

However, LED lighting can positively affect a student’s attention, concentration, and behaviour. Unlike other lighting, LED offers colour temperature flexibility and output control. This enhanced environment by simply changing the lighting will help boost creativity and prepare students for their final exams. Just to make it even more tempting, LED reduces energy and maintenance costs and has a much longer life span.

With our vast experience in LED lighting, Selectronic can tell you what product will work best. We want to optimise the learning experience for students and we believe at their critical stage of education that every penny is worth it to see advancement in their development.

Our OnLED range at Selectronic combines premium quality materials with the very latest technical innovations. With stringest control measures we deliver maximum lighting performance and high efficiency and energy savings to all users. LED lighting will transform the learning experience for all students, and make your brand stand out. Help make students and your brand shine brightly today by contacting us for more information.