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How tablet displays are revolutionising restaurants

Flicking through a dinner menu, trawling down the long list of food items, only to find out the restaurant is all out of the dish the customer spent twenty minutes deciding on is no longer acceptable in this technology day and age. And soon, this pre-dinner reading from a printed menu will be replaced with a faster, more productive solution.

Tablet displays have already been introduced to many restaurants, used for advertising certain products while customers wait to order or pay. However, retailers are now branching off into displays for menus. This has many benefits, including just some of the more obvious ones. If a large group has booked a table and can’t speak English, all the waiters have to do is alter the language on the tablet device, making the entire transaction seamless. That all too common annoyance where a customer orders a meal and the waiter has to regretfully inform them they’re all out will vanish, as with a tablet, the manager can simply delete the dish as soon as it’s unavailable, showcasing only the meals customers may order. Another excellent advantage is these displays will provide the perfect ice-breaker. So for those on first dates or in a stuffy business meeting, the information displayed on the tablets about the food and wine will offer them a talking point, which will focus their attention on the restaurant, boosting sales too.

As well as eliminating the cost of printed menus, particularly when it comes to having to print specials or seasonal menus, food upsales with greatly increase. With an electronic device, retailers can configure them to prompt customers for add-ons to their meal. Not every customer will bother asking for a dessert and not every waiter will remember to ask if they want a side dish, so the tablet can do the job instead, offering desserts and sides according to the customer’s selections.

The National Restaurant Association’s 2015 What’s Hot culinary forecast shown on found that 29% of chefs said that tablet computers would be used to display menus, wine lists, and assist with ordering in 2015. Selectronic can offer you dynamic displays. If you want to see sales soar, contact us now.


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