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Transform cooking with innovative hob technology

The hob is getting a makeover in the 21st century as traditional gas and electric hobs are fast being replaced by the safer, more efficient induction hobs. At Selectronic, we are excited to see just how technology is going to revolutionise the way we cook and as a result how it’s going to make busy lives a lot simpler.

Speed is important to families now more than ever. As well as being more energy efficient and cheaper in running costs, induction hobs are also twice as fast as gas equivalents, making cooking that bit easier to fit into busy schedules.

Safety is always a concern in the kitchen, and state of the art technology can help. Unlike the danger of gas hobs or the unpredictability of electric hobs, induction technology includes overheat and boil-over sensors, which senses the temperature of the pan and adjusts the temperature accordingly. And when the pan is taken off the heat, the hob will immediately cool down.

The Telegraph reveals, ‘At its European Forum in Monaco today, Samsung announced that it is bringing a hob equipped with Virtual Flame Technology to the UK in the Spring. The hob has embedded LED lights that visualise heat in the form of flames, and change colour to reflect the level of cooking power.’ As well as other technology they are bringing out, this hob is ‘designed to bring the functionality and design of a professional kitchen into customers’ homes’.

And has unveiled Whirlpool’s latest Smart Cook induction hob new for 2016, which features flexible zones and automatic melt, boil, simmer and warm settings, and a fully interactive splashback that connects you to social networks and favourite websites. The hob has never looked so smart!

At Selectronic, we understand that families require sophisticated and simple solutions in the kitchen, and we bring the necessary innovative technology to the table to achieve this together. For more information on our quality range of LEDs for hobs, contact our team today.



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