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Improve safety in petrol stations with LED lighting

Dim petrol stations often look worn out, and that’s the last thing drivers need when they’re exhausted from a long car trip. With reduced visibility, accidents are far more likely to occur, and in petrol stations, there’s a greater risk involving pedestrians. At Selectronic, our aim is to provide you with the solutions to improve safety and put a stop to accidents in petrol stations.

Pedestrians and cars come and go in petrol stations all the time, so in such a bustling place, it’s only right to provide high quality LED lighting to ensure that every consumer can see well. Enhanced visibility prevents accidents and also encourages drivers to make a quick stop on their journey for fuel or for a light bite to keep energy high, which is especially important on a long drive at night. CCTV is also made a lot clearer with good lighting, guaranteeing a safe and protected place to break.

As well as improved safety, bright lighting will attract customers, conveying a welcoming and safe spot to rest, increasing profit. For those petrol stations with car wash facilities, excellent lighting will ensure that customers are getting the best experience. Vibrant lighting will enhance the workplace for employees and may inspire drivers to get their cars looking sparkling again. And don’t forget about the shop where drivers like to pick up a few snacks for their time on the road. Providing a warm and inviting atmosphere will nudge them in, and with our excellent range of LED lighting, it is possible to alter the ambience with different light levels and showcase certain items on shelves to make a profit. With our quality LEDs you won’t lose out on price either, as maintenance is considerably lower than other lighting products and energy saving is significantly higher.

With good visibility, brand names will be spotlighted, pedestrians won’t be missed, cars will be easily seen, and road safety all around will be greatly improved. For energy-efficient LED lighting solutions, get in touch with our team now.

James Attwood - LED Lighting Business Manager

James Attwood - Retail Business Manager  

I am an enthusiastic individual with a broad wealth of experience spanning several sectors in a sales and Management capacity.

I spent a number of years working in the electrical wholesale sector progressing to branch management in a fast paced selling environment. Where I achieved great success in securing and managing accounts throughout the Midlands. Following this period in electrical wholesale – I progressed to a more specialist roles in the LED lighting, energy saving and carbon friendly sector.

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