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Stretch out the growing season with LED Grow Lights

Over the years, farming has depended greatly on our temperamental weather conditions. Although farmers are used to dealing with the day-to-day change, there’s only so much they can do when the growing season comes to an end. Or is there? At Selectronic, we strive to find the optimum solution to every problem, and we might just have the very thing that will put farmers back in control.

Our dedicated team are working on a range of Grow Lights, a brand new LED product that will give farmers the exciting opportunity to extend the growing season and maximise plant health and productivity.

Horticulturist, Tom Pitman, from the University of Bristol, told Countryfile that he produces plants all year round, even during the winter, due to light technology. Replaced by traditional sodium lights, their LED lights efficiently grew their plants and at the same time cut their electricity bill by a substantial amount from roughly £16,000 to around £4,000. This innovative technology gives scientists the opportunity to experiment with growing plants, using a variety of colours and the ability to target specific wavelengths of light to provide the plants with exactly what they need. This will see a significant increase in yield throughout the whole year, and will tackle previous issues farmers have faced with heavy rainfall and natural sunlight.

Even in the darkest winter months, farmers will see their crops flourish, and those fruit and vegetables that we see are often imported during this season, may soon be a thing of the past as we make it possible to grow more of our own food, and become less reliant on imports.

According to, “the ‘world’s first underground urban farm’ is set to start selling herbs and salads” grown below the streets of London in disused World War II tunnels. With the industry seeking to grow more urban farms underneath supermarkets, the environment will dramatically improve as we reduce the amount we transport food.

If you want to see huge savings and an extended growing season, discover more with our new range of Grow Lights that will be coming to the market very soon. Read our previous article ‘Light up the future of agriculture with LED lighting’, and call us now for more information.

James Attwood - LED Lighting Business Manager

James Attwood - Retail Business Manager  

I am an enthusiastic individual with a broad wealth of experience spanning several sectors in a sales and Management capacity.

I spent a number of years working in the electrical wholesale sector progressing to branch management in a fast paced selling environment. Where I achieved great success in securing and managing accounts throughout the Midlands. Following this period in electrical wholesale – I progressed to a more specialist roles in the LED lighting, energy saving and carbon friendly sector.

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