Selectronic News

The Year of Opportunity


2016 is a year of celebration for Selectronic as we seize the opportunity to expand our business by opening our brand new office in China, and reaching our global vision with a local touch, seeing the concept of ‘glocalisation’ realised. And with it also being an exciting year for China, as 2016 marks the Year of the Monkey, we are looking forward to bringing this partnership into fruition.

The Year of the Monkey, in Chinese culture, has always been considered a symbol of good fortune that reflects this exciting next phase of our growth. The monkey is known to represent attributes, such as intelligence, enthusiasm, innovation, charisma, and leadership. As our new office opens in China, we bring these qualities through the doors. Maintaining an ongoing relationship with China means our team will be the first to know of any new developments in technology, and will be able to manufacture those products to the highest standard.

China is becoming one of the world’s fastest growing consumer markets, and Selectronic are now taking advantage of their vast opportunities by providing trusted, on the ground support for manufacturing in China. So we can bring your ideas to life fast, globally. Instead of phoning China for answers, our Selectronic team will be there in the factory dedicated to finding our clients the very best in the very least amount of time. We understand that immediacy is important in business, which is why we are removing any limitation that will hinder speed of service. Able to oversee the manufacturing process, guarantee a high standard in our workforce and in health and safety, and source the lowest cost for our components, our competitors won’t match the level of service we bring.


Supplying our clients with creative and efficient solutions from our China office wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated team. With a general manager, a sales office manager, two LED lighting engineers, an LCD and display engineer and a QA engineer, we have the best people working on our products to deliver you the ultimate services onsite the land of manufacturing and market.

From when we started off in Oxford 30 years ago, we realised the vision, and have been committed to providing companies with a long-term solution that continues to produce results ever since. For the best results for your business in 2016, get in touch with us today. Let Selectronic share your global vision and bring you good fortunes in the New Year and many more to come!