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Clear the way for cutting edge TFT technology

For the industrial sector, clear image and wide viewing angles are everything. We make it our priority to provide the solutions designed by people who understand your market sector needs to be of the highest quality, which is where our new TFT display product technology comes in.

We can supply you with a wide choice of innovative and standard industrial TFT display sizes, letterbox designs many to industrial specification. And to give you the best, we provide full or semi-custom TFT displays with optimised characteristics, variety of touch functions and if needed a bonded cover glass.  We have engineering resource both in the UK and Asia, giving your product requirements careful evaluation, and if the application requires an innovative solution.  In either TFT or passive display prodcuts

Having a high quality display is particularly important for outdoor applications, such as hand held instruments, where someone will require good legibility. At Selectronic, we have a great range of small TFTs to suit every application with high brightness, sunlight readable and wide temperature options available so you’ll never be in the dark again. We can also supply you with innovative TFT displays for test and measurement devices, smart meters, audio, fire and security solutions, home automation, and medical equipment to enhance productivity.

If you want to find out more about the variety of display sizes and resolutions we offer, and discover more on polariser materials for LCDs and TFTs, get in touch with us today.