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Changing tomorrow one charity at a time

At Selectronic, we strive to provide the best solutions to meet our client needs, so when it comes to charities who are making every effort to provide for their cause, we understand the time and commitment it takes to deliver great results. This is why we endeavour to support local charities as much as possible, so together, by bringing our support we can help in changing tomorrow.

As well as supporting community led youth charity, BASE 33, we also commit to supporting Helen and Douglas House, based in Oxford, an exceptionally compassionate charity that cares for children and young adults with life-shortening conditions. Helen House was the world’s first children’s hospice before Douglas House set up in 2004. Helen and Douglas House also offer outreach nursing, family support, and experiences for their patients and families that help toward making the most of a short life.

Selectronic don’t want to see this great work stop. So, as part of the programme of charitable support in the local area, we have made a contribution to aid their vision. With the strong emphasis on young people in the Witney and Oxford area and the hugely important work that they do supporting terminally ill children and their families, our team at Selectronic are passionate about getting more involved in the fund raising for the organisation so that the work of caring can be maintained into the future.

Selectronic strives to provide companies with a long-term solution that continues to produce results, and by giving our support to Helen and Douglas House, we can help them to create their legacy too. We want to bring your ideas to life, and we want to bring the ideas of this charity to fruition also.

We would encourage our customers and partners to review the website of Helen and Douglas House by visiting, and to get involved with supporting this well-worth organisation that provides such vital care to young patients and their families. Our vision is to remove any limitations to produce the optimal result, so let’s together help this charity do the same.