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Make room for letterbox TFT display technology

We are always trying to improve our offering of our wide range high quality TFT displays with optimised characteristics that are designed to enhance products. And with so many varying sizes of applications out there now, we aim to offer TFT technology that extends existing display limitations, which is why we can now supply you with innovative letterbox TFT displays too.

Letterbox TFT displays removes size restriction and provides the option to use them in specialist devices where the display height may be shorter, or maybe only 2 displays, or a custom has fitted previously. So for applications, such as fitness equipment, , rack-mounted products, process control panels, and high end audio devices, we can supply you with the perfect TFT solution.

Selectronic can now offer several off the shelf designs in letterbox configuration colour TFTs These currently range from 8.0″ to 10.4″. Previously only available as custom/ cut down display type designs, these sizes are perfect for both industrial and audio customers for new designs. Our new sizes offer high performance in brightness, viewing angles, and temperature range. And to ensure that you are getting the very best to suit your needs, Selectronic provide design support so that we can bring your concepts into real life.

At Selectronic, we are constantly striving for the very best in technology. But we also pride ourselves on offering a human touch, bringing together our customer requirements with the very best innovation to achieve the optimal product. If you need a specific sized TFT display that will guarantee you product success, discover more about our current selection of off the shelf products at, or call us today.

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Click here to see the Product Specification for 10.4”