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For over twenty years, our team at Selectronic have been working in a successful partnership with Tianma – experts in Flat Panel Display solutions, thanks to over three decades of experience.

Tianma’s product line matches Selectronic’s ambition to deliver innovative solutions for industrial use. They offer a comprehensive range of new and innovative industrial displays, including a newly expanded small transflective TFT display range for sunlight readable hand held applications. Sharing our commitment to remain at the cutting edge of technology, Tianma is also delivering new Flat Panel Display products with increased resolutions, as well resistive and capacitive touch options as standard.

Our successful and long-term partnership is rooted in the shared values of Selectronic to offer quality, competitive pricing and long-term support to our customers. Being the leader of small-to-medium size displays in technology, ranging from 1.44 to 15 inches, Tianma place the customers’ needs at the forefront of everything they do, supporting a wide range of applications in industrial, medical, building automation, white goods, consumer, Hand Held communication markets and automotive, as well as off the shelf solutions.

Working together, we continue designing solutions that make our customer’s concept a reality, producing optimal results while using the best quality materials, offering value for money and great service.

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