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Investing in trust and quality: Honglitronic and Selectronic

As one of the leading developers, designers and suppliers of optoelectronics, Selectronic place our customer-oriented approach at the forefront of everything we do. Our approach has concentrated on being flexible and having an acute knowledge of our markets, linked to a core understanding of the technology behind the products.

The growing demand for LED lighting, from within low to high end markets, as reported by LEDs magazine, is something that we take into account when planning our growth strategy. We believe that customer satisfaction and trust are the two key ingredients to underpin growth in the future, which is why we choose the partners who help us deliver that strategy, very carefully.

We know that introducing LED Lighting is important to save energy, but this should never come at the cost of quality. We have teamed up with Honglitronic and Hongli Zhihui Group, one of the top three high-quality LED packaging manufacturers in China, to deliver an excellent LED product range that does not sacrifice quality.

Honglitronic have several markers in place to ensure a continuous standard of quality and efficiency across their product range, which have been showcased in LEDs magazine. Acting as the official distributor for Honglitronic, we share their commitment to high-quality lighting that lasts, whether designed for use at home, in a vehicle or within a hospital environment.

One of these markers is the luminous efficacy index. The Honglitronic COB LED product series uses a specially designed Blue die and a matching set of high excitation efficiency phosphors, which helps to achieve the perfect effect of ultra-high CRI in the final product. The product range includes devices ranging from 12 to 100W.

Light quality is also a prime element in working towards achieving high luminous efficacy and high CRI. An optimized circuit design enables Honglitronic to realise a uniform colour output. This is particularly important when matching lenses and using narrow angle beams. The process gives remarkable results in improving the spot effect and intensifies the overall optical performance of the product.

Growing to become one of the largest LED packaging manufacturers in China, Hongli Zhihui Group have displayed a continuous commitment to quality and longevity of their products. Over the years, we at Selectronic have established ourselves as true business partners who understand the many varied needs of our clients. We strongly believe that our combined efforts with Honglitronic will boost the experience of our customers and satisfy their growing need for quality LED lighting.

For more information on this or any other LED requirements, please contact our Sales Team on 01993 778000.

James Attwood - LED Lighting Business Manager

James Attwood - Retail Business Manager  

I am an enthusiastic individual with a broad wealth of experience spanning several sectors in a sales and Management capacity.

I spent a number of years working in the electrical wholesale sector progressing to branch management in a fast paced selling environment. Where I achieved great success in securing and managing accounts throughout the Midlands. Following this period in electrical wholesale – I progressed to a more specialist roles in the LED lighting, energy saving and carbon friendly sector.

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