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Selectronic Transflective: The Perfect Range for Small Outdoor Devices

Selectronic are proud to announce new additions to our popular Transflective/micro reflective displays range. Dedicated to taking your concepts into real life, our new range is the perfect fit for anyone with a project for small outdoor devices.

At Selectronic, we always strive to produce optimal results, using the best quality materials, value for money and service. This is why we have extended the Transflective range to include up to 6 models, ranging from 1.6” to 4”. Whether you need hand-held or fixed devices, the range is packed with innovative features to compliment small outdoor appliances.

Because the products within the Transflective range come with improved performance for the end user when the sun shines, they can be used in high ambient light conditions. But not only that. Because of our focus on quality, we have improved the battery life of our products.

Selectronic’s thirty years’ experience in the LCD field assures that you can trust us to deliver quality products while remaining faithful to your vision. The many years spent in the industry have enabled us to provide innovative solutions for any business. Because of our wealth of knowledge, the products within the Transflective range can be customised to meet your needs.

We can add touch options and cover glass enhancements to give your devices top end performance and appearance. If touch is not appropriate on a device for your project, we can offer quality silicone key mats instead.

Whatever your needs, we will work in unison with you and your business, to ensure that the final product meets your highest satisfaction. Our values of quality, creativity, and long-term solutions, paired with your vision, will enable us to create the very best quality products on the market for your project.

To see how we can use the Transflective range to compliment your projects, view the range here, or contact us today.