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Selectronic Announce New TFT Letterbox Display Range

Selectronic have just released a brand new comprehensive range of letterbox thin-film transistor (TFT) displays. The new letterbox TFT display range covers POS, industrial, and audio applications.

We pride ourselves on producing technology that brings your concepts into real life. Ranging from 3.9” to 12.3” diagonal, our new collection is guaranteed to meet all your needs, and improve your image quality.

Many of the displays in the range come with thanks to the Multi-domain vertical alignment (MVA) and In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology built in. MVA offers an accurate reproduction of the colour and depth at increased viewing angles and ensures fast response times.

If our range of standard letterbox products do not fit your application we can also offer a cut down display service.  This gives true flexibility to your design, with MOQ’s as low as 1K depending on modification required.

At Selectronic we put our 30+ years of experience in optoelectronics into practice to produce excellent quality on all our products. This is why we’ve been able to develop very narrow 10.4” TFT display with 1024 x 100 resolution within our new range, with a luminous intensity or brightness level of 700 candelas.

We don’t just focus on the technology though. We pride ourselves on offering a human touch, bringing together our customer requirements with the very best innovation to achieve the optimal product. Our own HDMI board will give you the ability to run multiple displays.

We always look to combine excellent customer service and key expertise both within Selectronic, and within our strategic suppliers, to secure the best final product. Contact us for further details and availability of samples, or see the range here. We can also arrange a demo of popular models for you.