Selectronic News

As one of the world leaders of optoelectronics, Selectronic are proud to announce the release of our new range of LED products for all your automotive industry needs!

All our LED Lamps are highly reliable and provide excellent impact and vibration resistance for all environments, along with fast response times. They are strictly controlled according to ISO/TS16949 and the LED’s are reliability tested to AEC-Q101, meeting world-wide standards. All the lights in this range operate at 10-30v voltage and can endure temperatures from -40°C~65°C. What’s more – our new range of products come in flexible designs to meet your particular needs.

Our ECE/EMC LED Stop Tail Turn Lights come at 95mm/122mm in white, amber, red and red/amber light. Potted for total circuit board protection, the lights in this range are durable with a hermetic polycarbonate lens-to-housing seal. The clever lens design spreads light for maximum dispersion. The Ultrasonic welding and Sealed Moisture Proof Electronics provide quality for this product.

Our unique 95mm/122mm LED Stop and Tail Turn lights come equipped with frosted lens and inbuilt reflector. Available in white, amber and red, the lights provide superior light output and optics.

The 6.5” LED Oval Stop/Tail/Turn Signal Lights SEL8102 function as a stop/tail light, as well as direction and reverse light. These lights will fit any trailers, trucks, UTVs, boat, caravans, significantly improving both safety and style. Certain features, such as the rubber grommet and stainless steel grommet, are optional. The lights come with sealed moisture proof electronics.

The 7” LED Stop/Tail/Indicator/Reversing Lamp SEL8103 comes in a durable black effect plastic housing, and are reverse polarity and transient spike circuit protected. These lights have a durable waterproof construction with potted components and are available in white, amber and red. The wire harness and switch comes as an extra.

Our 4.2” LED Stop/Tail/Indicator/Reversing and compact combination signal Lamps, SEL8104/B, are perfect for Trucks & Bus, Mining, Agriculture, Construction and speciality Vehicles. They feature the newest scientific research technology, and come IP67 100% waterproof.

The 6” Universal LED Stop/Tail/Turn Signal Light offers the perfect solution for Trucks & Bus, Mining, Agriculture, Construction and speciality Vehicles. The products can be universally mounted, and come in Stainless Steel Hardware. They are hard wired with separate ground wire.

The 6” LED Compact Combination Signal Lights can be universally mounted, are sonically sealed and waterproof. The brand new double reflector technology offers higher photometric efficiency.

The Universal LED Stop/Tail/Turn Signal Light comes with double reflector. It is a combination rear lamp, with an inbuilt retro reflector. It is the most compact & highly durable 4-function lamp. The product is highly efficient, offering high-brightness LEDs with low current draw. The product is also reverse polarity protected, designed to be surface mounted with screws.

ECE/EMC LED Side Marker Lamps come in bright white light to clearly see the inside of your vehicle, and the low-profile mount makes it easy to place almost anywhere.

The Sealed Rectangular 4.5” LED Marker Lamps come in durable black effect plastic housing. They provide low consumption at 0.2W*5 power. The product comes with reverse polarity and transient spike circuit protected.

With these great products in our range, along with many others, Selectronic are sure to find the perfect solution for your next automotive project, so contact us today!