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High Power Ceramic, COB LED and Low/Mid Power Automotive Series now available

As a major supplier of automotive market products since 1985, Selectronic have vast experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying automotive interior and exterior LED lighting applications. Today, we are offering a new range of LED products – the Power Ceramic, COB and Low/Mid Power LED Series will meet the strict requirements of the automotive lighting environment and make your next big project a success!

Our new High Power Ceramic LED Series C5050/C2525/2016 provide the best solution for head lights, working lamps, portable lights (flash/bicycle), working lights and industrial/general lighting. The High Power Ceramic LEDs are good for light fixture design and secondary optical design, offering better luminous efficiency, quality and duration. The products are highly reliable, guaranteed by a Flip Chip Phase-change Eutectic Technology that meets the requirements of high-end vehicles. The Eutectic Techniques also make our products more energy efficient than incandescent and most halogen lamps.

Our SMD LED – Low Power Series can be used for Turn signals, Reading lamps and Dashboard light. The products in this series come in a small size and are light weight, yet still provide high reliability and good anti-vibration ability to meet the vehicle indicator light requirements. All the products in the Low/Mid Power Series pass the AEC-Q 101 reliability test and meet GB (China), ECE (EU) and SAE (United States) standards.

Selectronic guarantee to work out the best solution for your needs. Working with you as the perfect partner means imagination is the only limit. So make a choice today that changes tomorrow and contact us!