Selectronic News

At Selectronic, we always strive to work together with our customer to create designs that match their project needs. As market leaders in the design, manufacturing and distribution of optoelectronics, we understand the need for our clients to stay ahead of the game, providing durable, efficient and visually appealing products.

This is especially important when it comes to vehicle manufacturers. We understand the need to make a design statement when developing new products. We know that this requires the ability to differentiate between competitors by offering aesthetically pleasing and ground-breaking products. At Selectronic our design ideas and products enable our customers to do just that!

As well as providing standard automotive grade displays (TFT’s), we also provide fully customised or semi-customised TFT’s. This enables our customers to offer innovative and creative designs for their products, to stand out from the crowd.

Our standard size TFT’s range from 3.5” to 12.3” and we can offer various technologies and resolutions to meet your requirements.

The semi-custom range offers standard sized TFT glass panels that are already developed. Paired with the special feature to offer custom backlights with optimised luminance, custom touch panels and/or cover glass, the semi-custom range may just be your ticket.

Or if you are looking for TFT products that fit an exact size, shape and specification, then look no further, as we also offer our customers the freedom to pick and choose their exact requirements to create a fully custom-designed TFT. These can include ‘free form’ TFT’s and TFT’s with ‘holes’, curved/3D touch panels and cover glass, and OCA/OCR bonding for increased optical performance. We use Gate on Array technology for more symmetrical TFT’s, and we also offer TFT’s for outdoor applications.

We are committed to bringing your ideas to life. Our vision is to remove any limitations to this process, producing optimal results, using the best quality materials, value for money and service. Contact us today to find the best solution for your needs!