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Modernising Your Instrument with a Front Panel Refresh

Instrumentation equipment needs to maintain a modern look and feel, in order for manufacturers to maintain their market share in this modern fast-moving world.  Does your instrument have a modern look and feel?  If not, help is at hand!

For companies to commit to a new instrument design or upgrade can be a costly process and a concern in uncertain financial times.  However, maintaining an attractive and modern equipment appearance is often essential to maintaining and growing your market share.

Today the trends for user interfaces (UI) are heavily in favour of wide-screen displays with as high as a 90% preference towards the modern touch screen technologies used by almost everyone on mobile phone and tablet computers.  So perhaps a “front panel refresh” could be all that your instrument needs to maintain a healthy level of sales?

This is where Selectronic can help you.  We have been a specialist UI solutions provider since 1979, helping manufacturers with their display, keypad and touch screen requirements.

The trends in new instrument designs are predominantly moving to wide-aspect UI displays and touch screens from the traditional 4:3 aspect ratios with function keys.

The wider displays are now occupying the space of the function keys and the nature of touch screen application makes it more flexible and generally with a little thought to the UI software more intuitive too!

The classic instrument display sizes are all catered for; 5 to 6” diagonal display applications have often migrated to a 7” wide-screen format, the 8” to 9” range has gone to 10.1” and the 10” to 12” size range has moved to the 12.1” wide-screen format with just a few designs growing larger to employ industrial versions of the 15.6” display format, popular in laptop PCs.

Selectronic has a range of options in all of these sizes, with touch screens to suit, but modern keypad and mat solutions where more appropriate.  Our team of specialists can advise you on implementation and customisation services are available where needed.  Call us today on +44 (0) 1933 778000 to discuss your front panel refresh!



Having been involved with display, touch screen and embedded solution design and specification for over 30 years, Richard brings a wealth of experience that customers old and new find invaluable at all stages of their project cycles.