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New TFT Display Line for Selectronic


Selectronic is excited to announce the extension of its portfolio of TFT displays with the NL range from long-term supplier, Tianma.  The partnership between manufacturer Tianma and specialist display solutions provider Selectronic dates back to the 1990s.  The NL range offers customers the very best in TFT display technology. Features such as the brightest long-life backlighting, greatest display viewing angles, highest colour saturation, widest temperature ranges and toughest mechanical resilience specifications combine to deliver the ultimate display for the demanding customer.

NL range displays have been used in applications such and medical, transportation, portable instrumentation, TV broadcast and marine displays where longevity of product life and one or all of the above features are needed.

The appeal of the NL range extends further with the in-house production of industrial-grade projected capacitive touch screens (PCAP), which have been factory-fitted to an increasing number of display sizes, either by perimeter tape (for cost effectiveness) or optical bonding (for optimised daylight legibility and mechanical resilience).  These complete solutions offer the benefit of a single source of supply to customer of a complex solution.

This new line has come-about following Tianma’s merger with Japanese manufacturer NLT (formerly NEC). Tianma has recently completed the assimilation of NLT and now offers what was the NLT product range alongside its own, as the NL range, under the Tianma brand.

Please contact the Selectronic sales office for further details on 01993 778000 or email the team at for prompt assistance.