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Custom LCD Displays for Metering and Energy Monitoring

Custom LCD Displays  

Low power, Low cost and long life make Custom LCD Displays the obvious choice for Metering and Energy Monitoring Displays. Each design – Water meter, Electricity Meter, Gas meter, or user centric Monitoring device has different needs and so a Custom approach provides the best solution.

Selectronic offers a range of LCD Technologies, including TN, STN, FSTN, and VA so that the right technology can be used for each specific requirement. Full custom solutions can be offered with or without a backlight (which can be in a variety of different colours). Different Connectivity options are available, including pins and flexi strips. If required an onboard Driver IC can be added to simplify integration into the final design.

Custom LCD Displays for Metering applications

For Metering applications ease of viewing is key, as quick, accurate readings must be obtained and here our VA technology offers wide viewing angles at high contrast levels – making reading straightforward whether looking up, looking down, or straight at the meter!

Energy Monitoring displays

Energy Monitoring displays must be appealing and informative to the ‘man in the street’. By using Icons, graphical pictograms, and colour, eye-catching and informative displays can be created. Printing or backlight technologies can also be used in conjunction with the display to create ‘full colour’ displays for the most appealing solutions.

Selectronic can assist in the best choice of these options for your design, ensuring your product stands out in the market!

Upon completion of the design process, we validate the design against our manufacturing process to ensure the required Quality Level is met. Samples are then delivered in a timely fashion and once approved, we will be ready for Mass Production.

We offer a complete Logistics package to ensure the displays are available at your chosen manufacturing location as required. Selectronic is with you from your initial design to Mass Production and beyond!

Contact us now and we can provide over 30 years of LCD Experience to ensure your project is a Winner!