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I’d like to use a Small TFT Display

Selectronic offers TFT’s in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1” diagonal (smallest available) to around 15”. To read more detailed specifications of what we offer, browse our full range. For this discussion let’s consider a small TFT display to range from 1” diagonal up to about 3” – this boundary is somewhat artificial but will do for our purposes.

small tft display

How can I update my display?

We are often asked how a simple mono LCD can be updated – typically when a new product is being considered. Whilst some things can be done to an LCD, a completely new look can be easily achieved using a small TFT. All the benefits of a TFT are included – wide viewing angle, fast refresh time, full colour graphic display, backlight for ease of viewing. This gives an entirely new dimension to the end product making it totally new!

What Interface do small TFT’s use?

There are typically 2 choices: either SPI/I²C or 8 bit parallel CPU Bus. Both of these are very similar to the interfacing required for a Mono LCD, so they can be designed in easily.

Is a small TFT solution better than an LCD?

Yes, we’d say so – as it is full colour with a wide viewing angle and is fully graphic, which gives you more freedom to display your information in the best way possible for your product.

How can I make it fit?

We have many sizes in the 1” to 3” range, including some circular options, as well as landscape and portrait types. The flexi connector can be customised to fit your application – and we can customise the backlight if required.
Another option to consider is to remove the mechanical buttons on the front panel. This frees up more space for a bigger display, and for a touchscreen to be added, giving your product a full update.

How do I get started?

Contact us to find out more, we will be delighted to discuss your specific design and offer a bespoke solution!