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Selectronic ISO 13485 Approved Display Solutions for Medical Devices


Selectronic are pleased to announce the availability of its display solutions certified to ISO 13485. This is a standard that defines a process approach to the Quality Management Systems used within the medical device manufacturing industry that more and more companies in this field are adopting.

TFT, LCD & LED displays are used in many medical devices throughout hospitals, GP practices & out in the field. They can range from, for example, 2.0” monochrome LCDs used in battery powered blood pressure monitors to 19.0” and larger, high brightness, high resolution displays, medical scanners.  With the need for easy to clean surfaces has come the increase in the adoption of projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screens. These are particularly prevalent, because they feature a glass, rather than plastic front surface, which can be extended to provide a smooth flat, single sheet front face to the device.  Gloved hand operation is, of course, essential in this market.

Selectronic knows what’s important when choosing TFT, LCD or LED displays for medical devices.

With nearly 40 years’ experience in this field and a team of engineers and technical sales people, we’re always available to help and advise. For the medical device market the following features are often required:

  • 2 years’ product End-Of-Life (EOL) notification.
  • Long supply life (average between 7-9 years).
  • High reliability with mean time between failures (MTBF) of greater than 50,000hrs
  • High levels of electrostatic immunity
  • A wide choice of standard display sizes to fit the application (from 1.0” – 110”).
  • Touch screen options including the latest PCAP technologies (that work with gloved hands).
  • Bespoke design options for small displays and customisation of standard product across the range.
  • ISO 13485 approved display factories.

“Is it bright enough?”, “What size do I need?”, “Can it be customised?”

All of these are common questions that Selectronic are expert at helping to answer!  We can advise and offer solutions based on the best brightness, shape, size, colour, clarity and resolution. Our factories in Asia offer the latest and most innovative display technologies on the market whilst understanding the importance of being able to produce what is offered for the longest period of time once it has been adopted. So, the greatest longevity of life and the best reliability is always our aim.

We can offer you “one-to-one” guidance and in-house technical support from our UK office.

Selectronic’s unique China office, based in Dongguan City, enables us to communicate with engineers directly at factory level. This helps us realise your bespoke requirements and ensure top quality supply at all times, with an expert QA team keeping an independent eye on things in the factory.

For further information or to talk about your application in detail, please contact our sales team on (+44) 1993 778 000 or email