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How to drive a TFT Display with a SPI interface from a Linux based Single Board Computer

Many TFT Display modules have MCU Interface – I2C, SPI, or 6800 based. These are ideal for use with a microcontroller with the right built in interface, but nowadays, as it is common to use a Single Board Computer (SBC) to control the entire product, the display must also be linked to the SBC.

My SBC only has RGB and LVDS – What do I do?

An instrumentation focused customer recently had this issue. They initially proposed developing a custom Linux Driver and a GUI App. Following consultation with Selectronics’ engineering team, Selectronic proposed a Linux app only solution which was developed in-house specifically for this issue.

See the Video!

This shows that the desired image can be refreshed on the chosen 3.5” TFT display – using the Selectronic QT App running on a Linux SBC.

“We are delighted to provide a hardware and software total solution including GUI application to support our customers. With our electronics design, Linux and Android expertise we can easily resolve all display and touch panel Integration challenges”, commented Zhe Kou – Selectronic Senior Product engineer, who developed the QT App.

“Soon we will also launch Selectronic own Embedded Platform for Linux and Android, and details of a practical solution for an automotive networking display design.”

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