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LCD and TFT technology to smarten up your domestic boiler

Technology for the home and workplace continues to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. This drive to “better living” plays an important role in much of our product innovation. However, whilst you may initially assume that this is solely within the realms of audio visual experiences, for many projects it goes well beyond that.

Our 40 years’ experience in opto-electronic technologies has helped us to develop the agility necessary to adapt technologies to consumer and technological demand trends, frequently outside the audio-visual field. One such example of this is our LCD /TFT displays for domestic boilers. We see these as being an important development that could help to revolutionise the future of heating in our homes and the key to getting this benefit realised is having displays that work well and help people to optimise the boiler settings. By using touch panels and colour screens controls can be more interactive and replicate the screens we work with in other parts of our lives. This emphasis how the layout and function is key and this is where working with the Selectronic team of engineers can make the difference in your heating control project.

Beyond just audio-visual

We work with our customers to create displays for a wide and varied range of appliances applications. This might be washing machines, ovens, microwaves, and hobs for the home consumer markets, or bespoke user interface display panels for commercial hot beverage machines -see how we worked with Crane to deliver a hardware and software solution for their ICON hot beverage machines

Boiler Plus: New standards for domestic boiler installations

The Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy introduced “Boiler Plus: New standards for domestic boiler installations” in January 2018 which is a policy document that sets out that boiler manufacturers need to ensure their products link to products that help consumers to run the boilers more efficiently with the aim of using less gas or oil and to emit less CO2. In addition they need to be compatible to smart timers and thermostats to encourage consumers to control the boiler remotely and mininise the time the boiler is required to be running.

The Boiler Plus fact sheet states that the new standards that will improve the way many people use energy in their homes giving greater choice and control and tangible savings on their energy bills. It also makes timers and room thermostats an explicit requirement for all gas and oil systems. With smart controls that have well configured LCD or TFT displays linked to touch panels that consumers can easily configure increase the potential to deliver energy savings.

Where Selectronic excel

Most LCD displays are custom made to suit the application or in the case of TFTs optimised for the particular application and this is where Selectronic excel, making sure that the LCD display fits and operates for purpose at the cost level required.

Selectronic are long term design partners in LCD and TFT displays with in house engineering teams both in the UK and China allowing for close innovation with key customers project delivery groups with a commitment to provide high quality service and back up from an innovation focus that is directed towards exceeding customer requirements. The technical support includes electrical design, component assembly, touch screen optimisation , optical design and supporting material and component selection.”

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The Government’s Boiler Plus document can be found at the following link: