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Curved 3D touch glass panels for the automotive market

Curved 3D touch  

Selectronic and Silitech Technology have been working in the field of keypads for over 20 years and are now expanding their production to include 2/3D glass to develop the latest generation of front screen options for their key customers in automotive, mobile phones and high end control applications. The glass production will be concentrated in their Shenzhen plant.

“We are very pleased to be extending our long term working partnership with Silitech and are already following up other projects in the UK and Europe,” said Selectronic MD Kevin Dry. “Some of the latest smartphone front screen profiles which were once bordered by a black narrow frame are now presented with a smooth rounded profile, creating a sleek visual look and a great product tactile experience.

“Taking this lead, glass-encased central glass screens can now replicate that smooth appearance, as well as providing robust performance and a great interactive display space that enhances the whole look of the finished product giving a smooth modern front panel look.

“These 3D glass applications and many more are opening up new design options in other sectors as well, such as remote controls and medical devices. This enhances the user experience and offers companies the chance to offer their products that not only operate well but also are a great looking device.”

The three glass option is available in four different profiles – wing type, flat surface with two curved edges, box profile, flat surface with four curved edges, multi curve – curved over both X and Y profiles, and watch type curved over one profile.