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Introducing the latest generation of inorganic packaging UV LEDs


The latest generation of inorganic packaging UV LEDs has been launched in the UK and Europe by Oxfordshire based Selectronic.

They are UK and European sales partners with manufacturers  Guangzhou Bytech Electronics Co Ltd – the first company in China to launch inorganic packaging UV LEDs based on a ceramic, metal and hard glass (CMH) technology platform.

Bytech is part of the Hongli Zhihui Group and is an accredited energy star laboratory recognised by the US EPA for LED package, arrays and modules to IES–LM 80 standards.
“Part of the Bytech production in their state of the art product testing facilities is for the latest generation of inorganic packaging UV LEDs based on CMH technology,” said Selectronic MD Kevin Dry, “ensuring high quality and reliable performance over the lifetime of the product. Bytech has applied for 13 patents including seven that have already been authorised since 2013.”

Applications for these UV LEDs include air purification, sterilising applications, 3D printing, various offset, intaglio  and screen printing applications, glue curing and jewelry inspection equipment.
UV LED products include UVA(360-420nm), UVB(300-320nm) and
UVC(260-280nm), while the core component products involve UV curing, UV air purification and UV water sterilisation.

Selectronic are excited about the prospects for the products. Dry said: “There are four different package types available and they offer specifications configured for different applications.
“We are the UK and European sales partner for Honglitronic and their Bytech subsidiary and are looking to work with them on the development of the UV LED market that is building in size – as the advantages of this relatively new application for LEDs evolves.

“Our engineering team would welcome the opportunity of working with customers to clarify the right product selection for their application and build an end product that exactly meets the requirements of their application.
“Samples and specifications can be supplied via our sales office and if customised sub systems are required our engineering team will be pleased to assist.”
Selectronic, based in Witney and celebrating its 40th year in 2019, is a leading UK company delivering innovative custom solutions on-time and on-budget to its customers world-wide.

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