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Selectronic's 40th Anniversary


The 1970’s saw the emergence of the component  distribution market in the UK and from that long list of broad band companies came the second wave of more  specialist customer focused companies including Selectronic which celebrates its 40th anniversary this December.

Starting in electo mechanical relays but quickly seeing the strategic potential that was in LEDs the company today keeps that focus on all things LED and now moving into the other key technologies of LCDs ,TFTs and touchscreens.

The many cycles of the electronics business over the 40 year time period has changed the company’s emphasis with much more focus now placed on the project  support engineering of the different types of displays with the capability now extending into complete sub-assemblies and embedded solutions. Not only marketing approach has deepened but also the geographical span with the emphasis  being a true global support business with offices both in the UK and in China.

Many things have changed but the emphasis on customer service remains at the top of the companies priorities with the highest attention being paid to maintain the personal customer contact.

Technology has changed out of all recognition over the life of the company but the standards of service are never compromised with face to face contact being seen as the priority to achieve the best in innovation and the most likely to deliver highest customer satisfaction.  The attention being on keeping customers and developing new long term partnerships are still at the centre of what Selectronic is about and this is down to appreciating the team at Selectronic some of whom have given long term service the importance of which cannot be over stated as behind every strong business is a team with knowledge and commitment.